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Oval Scented Candle - Vanilla Cake

Oval Scented Candle - Vanilla Cake

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* Extraordinary Burn Time - 12.3Oz/350g. Can sustain for 65-75 hours of burn time, bringing you a long lasting sensory journey with the lead-free cotton wick and 100% natural wax that is vegan, cruelty and paraben-free and biodegradable

* Vanilla Temptation - Our Vanilla Cake candle featuring a savory and creamy aroma inspired and mingled with vanilla, musk, mimosa, almond and milk, is set to offer you rich delicacy aromatically by enlovping your space with sweetness and warmth.

* Blissful Indulgence - Fragrance diffuses shortly to offer almost an instant indulgence to uplift your spirit.


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